Movisalud Platform

Under a multilayer design and an architecture distributed in various profiles of servers, Trilema's CLOUD technology allows the patient's auto control and the health professional's remote monitoring.

The professional's access to the platform is performed form their computers via web portal, meanwhile, the patient has the app available on Google and Apple stores. google y apple. 

Once the professional registers the patient on the platform, the system generates the password for the user and automatizes the consent process.

For each project or welfare route, we discuss with the researchers and customize the clinical record and the objectives of the patient's individual health plan. They have available a powerful system of remote monitorization based on alerts and traffic lights linked to patient's personal objectives.

The patients count on a telematic customer service for the resolution of any problems in relation with the technology, the mobile phones or its use. Movisalud's personal call centre also supports patients in the process of incorporation with telematic training on the use of the apps. It is a high valued service by the health professionals as they are not to be held liable to any problem associated to the mobile phones, problems with the space in the hard disk, losses of access keys, changes of technology from iOS and Android, etc.

In each hospital we sign a contract of data processing were the centre acts as responsible of such processing and agrees to the contracted relationship with movisalud making us in charge of the processing. In the health centres that desire or allow, the platform allows the integration of the data from the corporative information systems (demographic data, diagnoses, results of tests or pharmacological prescripts, allowing the bidirectional integration) .

The Health minister, and particularly, the Agency of Medicaments and Sanitary Products –AEMPS- , acts in the system as the medicaments database supplier. We use the medicament foto or prospect to facilitate high compliance.

The platform is hosted in the Amazon's AWS infrastructures in Ireland.