Health Education

We strengthen the capacity of people taking decisions. Empowering the patient means educating him and making him participant in his illness control. We work on educating the patients and his environment, in making him co-responsible in his illness’ management, in the decision taking and we provide them technological tools that allow the registry of information in his personal file.

We work together with health professionals in the elaboration of clinically validated pedagogical plans associated with the self-management of each pathology. The empowerment of the patient is key in the new healthcare model and training is one of the pillars that allows us to delegate to the patient the first decisions when faced with decompensation.

The profile of our educational modules is varied and highly dependent on both the patient's profile and the complexity of the pathology. In the TRILEMA group we are experts in the implementation of pedagogical plans and, for the health area, we have established standards with an important audio-visual burden. From Trilema Media we produce informative videos and video tutorials about the activities required by home self-control or the tasks of the patient's caregiver. We incorporate as actors doctors, nurses, patients, and caregivers.

Thanks to new technologies, information is more accessible today and TRILEMA's eLearning tools help us guide the patient and their environment through the content map in a simple and effective way, trying to have a favourable impact on their learning and empowerment. Our platform also allows permanent monitoring to verify that the video tutorials have been viewed, understood and put into practice. We therefore try to evaluate and validate that the expert patient is qualified to participate actively in the management of his disease.