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EII (14 Hosp.)
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Sleep apnea
Cystic fibrosis
Pulmonary hypertension


Multiple myeloma
Myelodysplastic Syndrome
Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
Colorectal cancer
Breast cancer


Ulcerative Colitis
Diabetes Mellitus II
Crohn's disease
Growth hormone
Eating Disorders(ADD)


Diabetes Mellitus I
Neonates / Prematures
Childhood obesity
Childhood asthma
Healthy Patient Book


Heart failure
Post-Infarction - Rehab. Cardiac
Heart transplant


Parkinson's disease
Multiple sclerosis
Ammiotrophic Lateral Sclerosis


Multi-pathological patient
Oncology. Oral Antineoplastic


Rheumatology Rheumatoid arthritis
Rheumatology Juvenile idiopathic arthritis
Rheumatology Psoriasic arthritis
Dermatology. Psoriasis
Infectious diseases. HIV, HCV
Nephrology. Peritoneal dialysis


Home tracking
Pediatric ICU
Post surgical

Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Abbvie (Abbott). National scope. Digestive ServicesProject in 10 hospitals. Management of patients with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. 
  • Allergan and network of private clinics (dermatological treatments). Project design for post-surgical monitoring of patients treated with botox®. botox®.
  • Astellas Pharma and the Transplant Unit of the Sant Pau Hospital in Barcelona. Management of heart transplant patients (led by pharmacy and cardiology). 
  • AstraZéneca and the cardiology service of the Fuenlabrada and Getafe Hospitals. Management of patients with heart failure and post-infarction in the rehab. phase.
  • Bayer Hispania and the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology. Management of patients with breast cancer (national multi-hospital level).hospitalario). 
  • Bayer Hispania and the Pulmonology Department of the Hospital Clinic de Barcelona. Management of Patients with Pulmonary Hypertension. Clínic de Barcelona. Manejo de pacientes con hipertensión pulmonar.
  • Biogen Idec and the Pharmacy service of the Virgen de las Nieves Hospital (Granada). Management of patients with Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb. Hemato Products Management (Vidaza® & Revlimid®). Design of Patient Management Platform with RheumatoidArthritis. 
  • Celgene. Hemato products Management  (Vidaza® and Revlimid®). Design of Patient Management Platform with SDM and MM. 
  • Danone Spain & Ecosystem (France) and 15 schools. Early Childhood Education Project. Holistic model for the development of integral health in the classroom. 
  • Janssen Cilag Infectious diseases - HIV / HCV (national project) Self-control and monitoring of HIV and HCV patients (AIDS and hepatitis C) 
  • Novartis and the Vall d’Hebron Hospital of Barcelona. Management of pediatric patients with Asthma (Hinnovar Award Hinnovar 2014).
  • Novo Nordisk and the pharmacy service of the Hospital La Fe in Valencia. Management of pediatric patients with Growth Hormone deficiency
  • Novo Nordisk and the endocrinology service of the Fuenlabrada Hospital. Management of evolutionary consultation (patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus).
  • Nutricia Nestlé Spain and the pediatric service of the Clinical Hospital of Valencia. Evolutionary control of pediatric patients with obesity problems. 
  • Oximesa and the Pulmonology Service of the Marqués de Valdecilla Hospital. Telecontrol Self-Control Project for patients with COPD
  • Pfizer and the Pharmacy Service of La Fe Hospital in Valencia. Clinical trial for batch control, expiration and traceability of the cold chain at the patient's home with biological therapies (Rheumatoid Arthritis). 
  • Pfizer and the Hematology Service of La Paz Hospital. Prescription and dispensing management solution for patients with hemophilia.
  • Siemens Health. Laboratory Division. Development of BI Software for Laboratory management 
  • Siemens Health. Laboratory Division. Development of Laboratory Analyzer Interoperability Platform. 
  • Teva Pharma and the pharmacy service of the Miguel Servet Hospital (Zaragoza). Management and Monitoring of patients with Multiple Sclerosis.
  • UCB Pharma and the Neurology service of the Torrevieja Hospital. Pilot management of patients with Epilepsy.
  • Werfern for the PT/INR testing (IZASA) and the Morales Meseguer Hospital. Management of OAT patients (Oral Anticoagulant Treatment). 

Since 2018 the Trilema group maintains a strategic collaboration agreement with the pharmaceutical multinational AMGEN.

Amgen began its activity in Spain in 1990 to become the leading biopharmaceutical in the country. Currently, it has 260 employees and has about 80 clinical trials launched in the different therapeutic areas.

The alliance with AMGEN focuses on the development of healthcare innovation and patient empowerment with the adaptation of movisalud technology for the therapeutic areas of Oncohematology, Cardiology and Hospital Pharmacy.


Ballesol Residences, talent in old age

We provide pedagogical and technological tools to complement and enrich the current cognitive activity development programs in the elderly residing in Ballesol, both valid and assisted.

We also strengthen a new scenario of relationship and communication with the family of residents, trying to value the effort that is being made in care therapy and capitalizing on a solid model of social innovation at the Ballesol Residences.

Start Date: 2020

SACYL, Hospital appointments

We manage the delivery of millions of specialized care appointments through our notification infrastructures and reminder management to patients in Castilla León (services hosted on servers of the Regional Health Management).

SACYL patients receive notices on their mobile about assignments, changes or cancellations of outpatient visits with their doctors in the 14 public hospitals in the region.

Start Date: 2016


The patient who has suffered a hip fracture has a powerful program of monitoring his Rehabilitation Plan in twelve weeks. It has hundreds of videos and support questionnaires associated with the different rehabilitation sessions.

Project specially designed to help the tutors and relatives of elderly patients who suffer a hip fracture.

Project developed by Trilema and framed in the European innovation program eitHeath. It has the collaboration and participation of the SAS (Andalusian health service), University of Barcelona, University of Lisbon, Hospital Center of Northern Lisbon, AMGEN.

Start date: 2020


The patient with heart failure who has suffered a significant decompensation is hospitalized between 8 and 10 days. From the hospital bed and during those days of admission, "nicebeats" or "good heartbeats" help the patient to better understand their disease and, especially, to manage prevention or reaction to future decompensations.

A content program led by the medical team of the Hospital Clinic de Barcelona structures the self-management of the IC into 17 thematic blocks loaded with audio-visual production. Nurses assign a plan to each patient based on their risk factors at the time of admission.

Project developed by Trilema and framed in the European innovation program eitHeath. It has the collaboration and participation of the Hospital Clinic, the University of Barcelona, the University of Lisbon and AMGEN.

Start date: 2019

eitHealth OnCommun

OnCommun is the most powerful initiative in Europe in the digital integration of the Psychosocial Care and Health Education services in the world of Cancer.

It has online solutions based on a staggered intervention program for cancer patients. Depending on their needs, the symptoms and the emotional state detected, the patient can receive a more intensive and personalized health education and psychosocial care.

Healthcare technology, app, videoconference, eLearning, social network, wearables together with a multidisciplinary team, make up a successful initiative.

Trilema contributes the adaptation of movisalud to the psychosocial profile of the cancer patient. Project framed in the European innovation program eitHeath and led by the Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO) with the collaboration and participation of the Health Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya, IDIBELL, Instituto Pedro Nunes, University of Barcelona, Nofer Institute of occupational Medicine of Poland and AMGEN.

Start date: 2018

EMMA Platform

EMMA is a healthcare platform, based on the movisalud model, which Trilema has adapted for the company AMGEN and which allows it to integrate in a single access environment all the vertical initiatives or applications that the company has launched in recent years.

It has a higher priority focus on the therapeutic areas of Cardiology and Oncohematology, as well as innovative solutions for hospital pharmacies.

AMGEN incorporates into EMMA its new vertical applications of MYPlan, Myeloma or CardioPlan but it has also integrated some tools already existing in the market, such as mHeart or eOncoSalud, which had been orphaned by institutional support or lacked support for their continuity.

Start date: 2019

EMMA CardioPlan

The patient who has suffered an ACS (acute coronary syndrome) must start a cardiac rehabilitation process where exercise, feeding and control of their cardiac biomedical measures will be key to a successful recovery.

Trilema develops for AMGEN a new environment of movisalud called "CardioPlan" that aims to help patients with various heart diseases to transform their lifestyle and participate in managing their health. Cardiologists and nurses have remote monitoring and control of their evolution.

The projects "SCAchart" from the Balearic Islands and "RC", from the Valencian Community are immersed in the Cardioplan family of applications.

Project date: 2018

EMMA MYeloma

Illusive improvements recently observed in the survival of the patient with multiple myeloma reflect advances in the approach of the different stages of cancer care: early detection, early diagnosis, agility in diagnosis, as well as advances in treatments and research.

AMGEN lanza “MYeloma”, una nueva variante de la plataforma EMMA especializada en la gestión y control del paciente oncohematológico que cuenta además con un potente protocolo de autocuidado y manejo de síntomas. En esta versión se incorpora también un cuadro visual de prescripción y control farmacológico para los tratamientos sujetos a ciclos y descansos.

At a scientific level, the project has been designed at the Sant Pau hospital with the collaboration of multidisciplinary teams at the Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid and the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona.

Start date: 2019


In the current healthcare context, it is necessary to have clinical support tools that allow healthcare professionals to efficiently control and manage the treatment and illness of patients.

The MYplan tool involves the patient in the management and evolution of their health, providing preventive and health promotion content, recommendations, systems for recording their evolutionary status, their episodes or symptoms, as well as, in a special way , help tools and validation of compliance with your treatments.

MYPLAN is integrated as the first healthcare step, impacting significantly on the structural costs of healthcare system care and its future sustainability.

It was born under the scientific design of the staff of the pharmacy service of the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, the technological development of the Trilema Foundation and all the institutional support of AMGEN.

Project date: 2018

EMMA mHeart

Lack of adherence to immunosuppressive medications after organ transplantation ranges from 20 to 40% and is associated with episodes of acute rejection and graft loss.

This fact justifies the design and implementation of multidisciplinary interventions to improve therapy management where patient empowerment is key.

The mHeart initiative, led by Mar Gomis from the Sant Pau pharmacy service, is an adaptation of movisalud aimed at facilitating communication with the patient and recording the timing of drug intake, drug interactions, vital signs, effects Side effects and symptoms.

The effectiveness of the pharmaceutical interventions implemented through the mHeart tool was high: 83% of the non-adherent recipients at the first visit became adherent at the end of the study according to the SMAQ test.

Project Date: 2016

EMMA eOncoSalud

In the current healthcare context, it is necessary to have clinical support tools that allow healthcare professionals to efficiently control and manage the treatment and illness of patients.

The MYplan tool involves the patient in the management and evolution of their health, providing preventive and health promotion content, recommendations, systems for recording their evolutionary status, their episodes or symptoms, as well as, in a special way , help tools and validation of compliance with your treatments.

MYPLAN is integrated as the first healthcare step, impacting significantly on the structural costs of healthcare system care and its future sustainability.

It was born under the scientific design of the staff of the pharmacy service of the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, the technological development of the Trilema Foundation and all the institutional support of AMGEN.

Project date: 2018

EMMA eFarMcuida

This project is an adaptation on “mHeart”, personalized at the branding level for the Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid, which allows monitoring of the heart transplant patient.

The pharmacy service of this Hospital is incorporating a map of applications where the self-care plan is customized to the specific needs of each disease.

After eOncoSalud and the recently released “eFarMcuida”, the service is preparing to launch a new initiative for 2020 in patients with psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis and / or ankylosing spondylitis.

Project date: 2020

EntrenaEII, telemonitoring and self-control

Dr. Ana Echarri Piudo, specialist in the digestive system and head of the Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Unit at the Ferrol University Hospital Complex (CHUF), invited us to participate in the "EducaInflammatory" project in 2016. With the scientific contribution From Dr. Echarri and the support of Abbvie and ISCIII we managed to evolve movisalud technology to a much more powerful level of care.

The publication of the results of the study "MediCrohn", carried out in 14 hospitals between 2016 and 2017, and which concludes with ... is available.

We found a high percentage of agreement between patients’ self-administered mobile app HBI and in-clinic physician assessment to detect CD activity with a remarkably high PPV for remission. The mobile app HBI might allow a strict control of inflammation by remote monitoring and flexible follow-up of CD patients. Reduction of sanitary costs could be possible”.

Project Date: 2016

ePrematur, monitoring of newborns

At the request of the Vall d'Hebron Research Institute (VHIR) foundation and led by the researcher Elisenda Rull, we built in 2016 and 2017 an environment for home monitoring of premature babies after discharge.

The project aimed to measure the baby's health outcomes by anticipating discharge from the neonatology unit 24h.

The results were surprising (“ePrematur study”), not only in the efficiency of healthcare costs, but also in the evolution of babies' weight gain when they were together with their mother. The parents' satisfaction with the project was very exciting for us, many of them asked us to continue using the application despite having finished the study and that their baby was already several weeks old.

Project date: 2017


Project framed in the movement "Feeding the Change", an initiative of the Ashoka Foundation and the Danone group to fight against childhood obesity that aims to impact more than two million children.

The Trilema Foundation leads this action in the school environment with “Fluye”, a whole world of materials and activities in the classrooms for children between 2 and 12 years old.

Movisalud is responsible for the technological development of the research study associated with the school project that is led by the GENUD of the University of Zaragoza.

Project date: 2020

La Meva Documentació - Parc Taulí

LMD allows to improve the cycle of request for clinical information by the patient, reducing management times and operating costs.

A platform with responsive web access has been developed that allows autonomously requesting clinical information from a patient and that incorporates powerful control and monitoring tools for the clinical documentation and / or patient care service professional.

In the Consorci Corporació Sanitària Parc Taulí de Sabadell, nearly 40,000 requests for clinical documentation were generated annually by patients (discharge reports, emergency reports, laboratory tests, etc.). The project proposes to substantially reduce the number of face-to-face requests for documentation, impacting the cost structure of personnel resources and improving patient service under online delivery mechanisms. Likewise, costs are reduced, both for stationery, printing and physical media such as USB’s, CD’s / DVD’s.

Project date: 2018

Childhood Asthma Management with "Lolo"

Asthma is the main chronic disease in childhood and affects nearly one million children under the age of 18 in Spain.

Under the scientific direction of Dr. Antonio Moreno, from the Pediatrics Service of the Hospital Universitari Vall d’Hebron, we adapt movisalud to the European plan for Childhood Asthma.

In addition to symptomatic control, crisis management or self-assessment and control tools, “Lolo” was born, a character who accompanied children and gamified technology. Lolo, a nice cartoon bubble, came to life to facilitate the participation of the little ones in the management of crises and in the control of their decompensations.

The project was recognized with the Hinnovar award given annually by the Novartis company.

Project Date: 2016

RC, Cardiac Rehabilitation after ACS

Dr. Ernesto Dallí, cardiologist at the Arnau de Vilanova Hospital in Valencia is leading the RC project, a Comprehensive TeleRehabilitation system whose main purpose is the administration of cardiac rehabilitation therapies based on physical exercise in patients with ischemic heart disease, as well as the provision of content educational and motivational that allow the patient to increase their awareness about their state of health.

Medical professionals involved in the CR process have the possibility to prescribe a physical activity program based on personal training profiles.

The patient must be able to carry out physical activity according to the doctor's prescription through the help of a guidance and assistance system, which monitors their vital signs and the intensity of the activity carried out, so that it is carried out safely, at all times.

Project date: 2019

Salud en casa, isolation COVID-19

The "Salud en Casa" project is committed to improving the safety of our health professionals and the efficiency of our hospital resources, providing a more sustainable scenario in the absence of available beds in the COVID pandemic.

Movisalud adapts to the WHO protocol for coronaviruses and encourages a massive deployment of self-monitoring in isolation with"remote home care". The patient has a self-monitoring App, a pulse oximeter, a sphygmomanometer and a training and support service for exhaustive self-care for 14 days. The program provides variables for fever control and active symptoms every day, in addition to the results in the measurement of oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, blood pressure or pulse.

In addition to decongesting our hospitals, “home health” incorporates a remote monitoring environment, safer for our professionals, where the primary care nurse accesses a powerful surveillance system equipped with control signals that warn of potential risk situations.

“movisalud has created a telemedicine environment that facilitates the home care strategy during the pandemic”

We launched this initiative in the Central Region of Portugal (ARSC - Administração Regional de Saúde do Centro), hand in hand with the Ministry of Health and the Pedro Nunes Institute, with several primary care centers linked to the assistance area of the University Hospital of Coimbra.

The ICO, Institut Catalá d’Oncología, has also joined in Spain for home monitoring of a large group of COVID positive cancer patients.

Start date: 2020

SCAchart, territorial registry

Adaptation of movisalud that allows the registration of patient data regarding the use of drugs of the iPSCK9 type (anonymous record structured by case number).

The initiative was born from the Balearic Society of Cardiology. In the project, led by Dr. Alberto Pérez Castellanos, the cardiology services of the Son Espasses and Manacor hospitals in the Balearic Islands participate, with the idea of expanding it to the rest of the region.

The generation of a territorial registry of cases that have suffered an Acute Coronary Syndrome will allow to develop studies about the results and evolution in patients treated with this type of drugs.

It is an initiative supported by AMGEN.

Project date: 2019

STIcare, digital newspaper on mobile

Vertical development carried out for Bayer on IOS and Android for cancer patients treated with the drug stivarga®.

We did not use the healthcare platform in this project as the functional requirements demanded a separate environment for the patient. STIcare allowed to manage an agenda with the programmed medication, the validation of feedings and the pattern of periodic controls, such as fever, weight or cardiomedidas.

The user could generate a complete report of their history and send it to share it with their doctor.

Project date: 2016 (currently the application is no longer operational in stores)

ControlaTAO, PT/INR testing on mobile

About 900 thousand patients in Spain are medicated with anticoagulant treatments, usually known as Sintrom, Warfarin.

Together with the Izasa team, now the Werfen group, we developed and integrated with them the application that delivers the TAO sheet to patients' mobile phones. A perfect formula to avoid recurring visits to the health center. We also integrate and automate the results of the microINR coagulometer in the App.

Starting date: 2014