trilema health

The TRILEMA Health team has more than a decade of experience in the implementation of initiatives in the world of telemedicine, always with a clear focus on the empowerment of the patient and with a very important weight in the use of mobile technologies and Internet.

We put the person at the center and strengthen their capacities to improve their well-being and quality of life.


de la Fuente

analyst and department head

Ángel Martín

software developer
& eLEarning

Eduardo Castellanos


Iván Noé

software developer

David Fernández

software developer

Micael Fernández

software developer

Jaddou Nasra

software developer

Olga Espino

Graphic design & web development

Sergio Pellicer

the apprentice

Vicente Díaz

project manager &
systems support

Martín Varela

clinical psychology

Adrián Bonilla

software developer

Gemma Ferrer

pharmaceutical & support

Inés Gómez

nurse & teacher

Carmen Moyano

nurse & teacher

Inma García

education and patient

Vicente Pellicer

area director &
functional manager


Jose Antolí

Administration and finance



Training for professionals and school management. Transformation model of Centers with Trilema methodology.


Ownership of 6 schools, our R&D laboratories. Development of the Network of Schools that Learn. School model.


Educational research and relationship with the University. Innovation Projects Area.

trilema media

Audiovisual production and editing. Feature films from Trilema Media. Technological development, software and eLearning platforms.

trilema cooperation

Inclusive model. The right to a quality education for all children. Trilema Foundation actions in Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon.

trilema health

Professional training in the field of health. Patient and nurses schools. Healthcare technologies.

Fundación trilema

We place learning as the axis of development of all the fundamental aspects of life, which must be taken care of so that every person, in any place and condition, can reach their personal fullness and commit to changing their environment.

We investigate, put the person at the center and improve their abilities to improve their well-being and quality of life.