Remote monitoring

Los profesionales de salud (médicos, farmacéuticos, enfermeras…) cuentan con un acceso web a la plataforma movisalud para comprobar en remoto el estado y comportamiento de sus pacientes, una fórmula asistencial que les permite dar un seguimiento al cumplimiento del plan terapéutico y del plan de autocuidado de sus pacientes.

The home shows the list of the active patients in the project and the main functionalities, like messaging, agenda, videoconference, library or formation. Up to 9 colour icons allow a clear view of the patient's status and the cohort's status in just a glance.

This alert icons answer to clinical and risk criteria that we agree with the researchers in the design of each route or project. For example, the adhesion traffic light, shows in three colours the behaviuor of the patient regarding his pharmacological therapy in the last month. The active messaging traffic light shows if a patients hasn't read a message sent by the professional. The appointment traffic light shows if the patient has an appointment in a fixed and stablished number of days. The Biometrics traffic lights like weight, blood pressure, blood glucose, etc, each one offer risk or breach criteria in the welfare plan.

The results of the queries and the values given by the wearable devices can also take part in the characteristics that traffic lights offer to the platform. Some traffic lights show risks that suggest immediate action, especially the combination of fever and the activation of specific symptomatology.

The messaging module supplied by the professional manager, is simple and intuitive and incorporates interesting functionalities like the patient read control. On top of individual messaging to patients it also allows massive programmed messaging with diverse selection criteria (CIE, age, gender, prescript medicament, etc...) .

When selecting a patient from the list, the professional accesses to his PHR (personal file) with his evolutive graphs, behaviour table and compliance. The PHR's descriptive details can be found on «mobile self-control» from the service block.

The access to the patient's treatment offers us a dynamic bar with the therapeutic individual compliance from every active medicament in the Medication Plan. When selecting the medicament, it will show us every detail, the registry of takings and compliance and the historic adherence profiles in three colours. It also shows us the information given by the AEMPS to the patient (photo, prospect, administration path...). Three inferior graphs portray the evolution of the adherence to the medicament in 30 days, 90 or from day one.

The professional access is a tool designed for doctors, nurses and pharmaceutics that complies a function which normally the HIS in hospitals don't reach as we focus on taking advantage of the data patients input themselves. The web manager allows us to incorporate routines, programs, tools or calculators very specific in the vertical programs or specific pathologies that are not usually in the corporative systems but are essentials for the daily clinical work.

The platform offers standard typified reports that researchers will be able to use. Additionally, we establish new reports that the project requires due to the pathological profile of the patient or due to the investigation strategy.