Mobile Autocontrol

The patient's mobile app resembles the structure of a personal health record.We divide the user's data in sociodemographic, including contacts and tutors, assistant data (relationship with the service provider, healthcare card, health centre, hospital assigned, etc.) and the specific clinical data report. 

The health data structure that appears on the patient`s mobile comes from movisalud`s platform or from the integration with provider. By default, it groups standards blocks of data like diagnoses, allergies, background, risk factors and the basic and evolutive variables for each illness or project. In each project we custom this section to scientific criteria.

The auto care plan for each illness incorporates a list of modules or subprograms for the patient to monitor himself which we call "autocontrolsIt integrates various biometrics, queries and other control modules. In most projects, we include standards such as general state, blood pressure, BPM, blood glucose, weight and perimeter, analytical relevant data, diet, training or exercise, smoking, etc. The platform offers more than 70 AUTO CONTROL and QUERIES that can be adjusted to each project in control of the research team.

The pharmacological treatment's es el más potente de movisalud ya que la farmacia y la adherencia han sido actores relevantes en la historia del desarrollo tecnológico de este sistema. La Plataforma ofrece distintos escenarios para el seguimiento del plan de medicación del paciente dotando de mayor o menor libertad al paciente en la autoprescripción.  El módulo de tratamiento está integrado con la base de datos de la AEMPS, se actualiza periódicamente y permite selección de fármaco por marca de producto o por principio activo.

The app offers bidirectional messaging between professionals and patients that allows to strengthen their relationship and opens new communication channels which are reliable. It allows sending files like photographs which are very helpful in the evaluation of symptoms, especially dermatologic ones.

The app is integrated with our educative server where we keep our educative programs for patients. Normally they are simple and responsive environments that gather the tips and recommendations linked to the illness, nevertheless, in projects which pathological profile is more demanding, we associate a Moodle course to the user's or tutor's app as a support to the pedagogic auto care. Video efficiency in actual pedagogy is more than proven in different patient's profiles so we use and important amount of audio-visual content thanks to the resources of the group (Trilema Media).

The symptom management is an important section in movisalud. We establish a list of symptoms for every pathological environment and we create multilevel decision trees that allow us to create guided queries for the patient for each branch of the symptom. Depending on the answer, the next question appears and this will occur up to 7 levels in the tree. The module also offers recommendations considering the patient`s answers, they can be going to the hospital or opening a new section on the educative portal.

Lastly, the patient`s agenda incorporates all the daily planification of the health care plan. The medicament takings stated on the treatment module, the controls, biometrics or queries that have been previously established, or the expected appointments, are included in the patient's diary. The events programmed in the agenda have a fixed time table and push message alerts appear on the screen to ease the compliance.